1974 - 1997 
Albert Chapel, born in 1956, began in his teens with the technical training 'Wood & Furniture'. At the age of eighteen he was able to keep a business going and started as an entrepreneur with his own restoration shop. Here he restored and upholstered antique furniture. He had the ambition to learn more and finished the study 'interior architect'. With his second diploma, he immediately opened a new store where he worked as an interior architect. Together with his wife he kept running two stores. If that was not enough, he opened a third shop, a glass studio after a few years. He had at an early age three good running stores in one block. In addition to the daily activities of its companies, Albert Chapel was also involved in the renovation and reconstruction of houses. In 1995, he was principal of the restoration project of the Nirwana apartment, which is the first concrete skeleton of Europe. A few years later he bought the building where the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries were and made seven self-contained apartments of it.

1997 - 2004
After his fortieth he stopped all his activities and focused entirely on working aging wood. In addition, he continued searching for the strength of the material and correctly emphasized the imperfection. Indeed, there is no perfect nature. His drive to think differently gave him great success in 2000. With new techniques he developed high quality wooden floors (aged flooring) for a better price. With this new he changed the market. 

2004 - 2012 
In 2004 Albert Chapel opened a gallery in Berlin with floors and furniture made of natural materials. At the same time he opened a factory in Poland where he produced wooden mosaic cubes. Because of the crisis, he had to stop these activities in 2008. He was left with thousands of mosaic cubes. Out of frustration he made beautiful wooden carpets with the cubes. People responded really well to the creative carpets. He continued with the development of the cubes to different shapes. He also focused on the development of concrete for interior. 


2013 AC Galerie
In 2013 Albert Chapel started with his new business Albert Chapel Galerie (AC Galerie). Over the years he has become an all-round artist. His work includes the design of floors, carpets, furniture, wall art and fashion. Here he uses only natural materials such as wood, iron, leather, concrete and metal. His work is characterized as unique and durable.