About Albert Chapel

Albert Chapel is a visual artist. His work includes designing floors, carpets, furniture, wall art and fashion. All made out of natural materials such as wood, iron, leather, concrete and metal. His work can be described as unique and sustainable.

Once you choose a design by Albert Chapel, you choose an unique product. He tackles every project differently by listening to the individual (the client) and by taking in the surroundings. Not only the results are unique, such as the shape, material, concept, but also in which way the product has been established. Each project has its own unique approach (working method) which Albert Chapel develops on the spot.

Sustainability is a concept that has become increasingly important over the years. It covers everything that has to do with socially responsible life, environment, ecology and future-oriented thinking. Something Albert Chapel has been familiar with for years and years. His work can be characterized by the use of only natural materials. This has a lot of advantages: it minimizes the impact on the environment, natural materials provide a pleasant climate at home and sustainable products will last longer. 

Monday - ETC Expo
ETC Expo is thé interior platform in the Netherlands where you find a range of approximately one hundred suppliers from the upper segment of the interior and exterior sector. All combined under one roof. This is the place where Albert Chapel receives and sells to stylists, architects and interior specialist dealers . 
Adress: Randweg 20, 4104 AC Culemborg.
Opening hours: 10.00 - 17.00 hour.

Tuesday t/m Thursday - Appointment
It is often more convenient to make an appointment. This way you get the advice and products you need immediatly without waiting. To make an appointment you can call the following number: 06 55773915.

Friday & Saturday - WAUW 070
WAUW070 is a showroom of the work of true professionals in the field of living and comfort. Here you will find a presentation of each connected company, including Albert Chapel's work. 
Be inspired by the many possibilities. For personal advice you could visit us. 
Adress: Pasteurstraat 163, 2522 RH Den Haag
Friday: 19.00 t/m 21.00 hour.
Saturday: 10.00 t/m 17.00 hour.