Leather flooring

Are you looking for a very unique and luxurious Floor? Choose leather! You could create different interior styles with it. From robust industrial to a very slick and luxurious look. Any color and style can be realized!



Water buffalo leather is a compact type of leather which is easy to finish according to DIN A1 standard and has proven itself as a great floor type. Leather has been used for years in interior, but rarely as floor. But did you know that leather flooring has many benefits? Scratches can easily be removed by wiping the surface with a wet cloth, it is hygienic and feels pleasant under the feet. Therefore are leather floorings ideal for the hospitality industry. Just like wood flooring it has a resistance up till 16 hours to liquids and other dirt such as wine of food. It is also suitable for under floor heating and cooling!


Working method

Albert Chapel Galerie is distinguished by the use of whole cowhides. That is unknown in the industry! Other leather flooring providers cut the cowhides into blocks, which we believe is not natural and does not look good. We choose the most natural option. By using whole cowhides, we also minimize the waste. The skins are placed next to each other in organic shapes and then glued together. This way the seams are also resistant to liquid and other dirt. 

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