Concrete flooring

The concrete look is really popular recent years. Concrete creates a relaxing atmosphere but is raw, robust and warming at the same time. You could go either way with it. Are you choosing a rough look or a slick one? Whatever you choose, with a concrete floor you will make a powerful statement.

The power of nature
A concrete floor is different than a casting floor. Concrete is composed of sand, cement and rubber. A casting floor is synthetic. A floor made of natural elements will last longer and better than a synthetic floor. That is why a casting floor is more sensitive to scratches and cracks. You don’t have that problem with a concrete floor.

Seamless design
Concrete floors are flat, completely seamless and has many faces. That is why concrete floors are always fitting to every interior style!

A big advantage of concrete flooring is that it is sound insulation, heat insulating and wear and scratch resistant. This way the floor can take a lot and is suitable for offices, hospitality and the home. A concrete floor lasts a lifetime and is therefore a really durable floor!

Interior styles
Concrete flooring offers many possibilities in interior styles and colors. Practically every color and style can be realized. Are you looking for a natural concrete look? Than you would probably choose natural concrete colors. White and other bright colors are also options. However, experience shows that natural colors win in this case. Besides color choice, you also have a choice of patterns of other effects.

Easy maintenance
Concrete floors are anti-allergenic. The seamless floor makes it impossible for bacteria to nest and is therefore dirt and dust repellent. The floor can be cleaned dry or wet. Concrete flooring is also suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. 

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